After Your Heart – Moira Dela Torre (Music Video)

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Sharing this special song with you because it’s been 10 years and 2 days since I first wrote a song. This is that song. :). – Moira

“After Your Heart” lyrics:

Bring me to the highest mountains
Bring me to the widest plains
Fly me to the skies above
I’d still call out Your name

Bring me to the deepest waters
Drive me through the longest roads
Take me away from these shadows
I’d still call out Your name
I’ll stand firm and pray


Cuz I don’t wanna go somewhere else
I wanna run towards You
I don’t wanna look away
Cuz my eyes are fixed on You
I don’t wanna live for someone else
Cuz You gave a brand new start
And these feet’ll keep on going
I’m after Your heart

Bring me to Your love’s chambers
Bring me in Your midst
bring me to the palm of your hands

Sail me towards the rising sun
Sail me through the rivers run
Spread my wings awide
And I’ll still call out Your Name
I’d stand firm and pray



Nothing else can satisfy, I’m after Your heart
To You alone, I give my life, I’m after Your heart
Cuz no matter where I go
No matter what I do
these feet were made to run after You
Only You

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