Hello Sunrise – Soil & Green (Official Music Video)

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Title: Hello Sunrise (Official Music Video)


Directed by: Shaq Villanueva
Editor: Emmanual Zosa | Shaq Villanueva
D.O.P: Emmanuel Zosa | RJ Domen | Dianne Seña
Story: Soil & Green
Produced by: Soil & Green

Casts: Mylene Alba | Colleen Lantajo | Franz Pantaleon

“Hello Sunrise” lyrics:

If I take you to the sunset, will you catch it with me? The light that fades into the endless sea.
If I take you to the sunrise, will you remind me? Will you tell me that you need me?

To stay all the way
Do you really have to make it hard?

Time to let go of the things we say hello.
Do you mind if I stay? Stay until you see me again.

Long ago I used to wake up at your hello.
I’m your creation. I am what you make me.
Can you tell me what I am now. Please, say it again? Say it again.

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